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For a tripod, the most important requirement is stable and durable. But not all tripods can satisfy the requirement. And iFootage “Wild Bull” T1 and “Wild Bull” T3, as their model name, the most important character is their stability, which can exceed most of tripods in the market and also exceed the expectation of users. These tripods are specially designed for 4K and 8K images.


The telescope legs are made of the high end anodized Aluminum Alloy and Carbon Fiber.


T1:40/ T3:45KG max load can work for any camera in the market.


1.50m max working height lets you work easier.


Humanized packing design allow users to pick the tripod straight or hold it in a side way.


It is worth to mention that the patented structure of the connect joint between the hemisphere base and legs. This structure increases the contact areas when installed a Pan Head on the tripod and also decreases tolerance at the greatest angle to keep the whole tripod in a still position even if on different terrains.


The snap can not only lock the tripop quickly but also is easily found out whether locking the tripod tightly.


The hemisphere base can be used to extend more application of Pan Head, fit for the Pan Heads not only with hemisphere base but also with flat base.



The Mid-level spreader is quickly removed and locked, the scale on the Mid-level spreader can let the users easily adjust the tripod.


The most powerful way of using the Mid-level spreader is it can be removed. When facing narrow space, uneven ground or obstacle. iFootage “Wild Bull” tripod could telescope the Mid-level spreader to adjust the angle of legs according to the requirement of the users, and provide a stable support for high quality shoots.


To use a SS screw to secure the feet pad and feet spike can let iFootage “Wild Bull” tripod work in the harshest environment such as in mud or sea water.


The feet spike can have great effect when photographer needs to shoot on a ice surface, iFootage “Wild Bull” tripod could tightly grasp the ice and provide a perfect stable location for high quality shoots.




 iFootage T1
 Material:Aluminum Alloy
 Max Load:40kg
 Lowest Height:490mm
 Max Height:1500mm
 Angle Range:29°~55°

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