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SACHTLER System FSB 4 FT 75 MS Carbono
Ref: 12726


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A cabeça fluída FSB 4 com pernas de tripé de fibra de carbono flowtech ™ 75 oferece um sistema de tripé profissional para videografos que usam câmaras que pesem até 4 kg. A cabeça FSB 4 oferece um arrasto hidráulico à prova de fugas sem fricção e com três níveis de arrasto, para imagens perfeitas enquanto faz o pan, sem solavancos e vibrações. Idêntico em planos horizontais e verticais e permite o desengate completo do arrasto para um deslocamento rápido. O sistema inclui um spreader de nível médio e um saco de transporte.

Cabeça fluída FSB 4 + tripé flowtech 75 MS com spreader de nível médio e pés de borracha + saco acolchoado flowtech 75; O flowtech ™ 75 é um tripé de fibra de carbono de 75 mm com dois freios de libertação rápida para abertura imediata e fácil, design de fibra de carbono ergonômico com fechos magnéticos fortes para transporte confortável, excepcional rigidez de torção e um mecanismo de bloqueio de dobradiça versátil para ângulos baixos e altos.

Product Highlights:

  • FSB 4 Fluid Head with Sideload Plate
  • Head with Load Capacity of up to 4kg
  • For Small Camcorders, DSLRs & Mirrorless
  • 5-Step Counterbalance
  • Flowtech 75 Carbon Fiber Legs
  • Two-Stage, Three-Section Standard Legs
  • Tripod Supports up to 20kg
  • Height Range Approximately 61 to 155cm
  • Removable Mid-Level Spreader
  • Padded Carry Bag

This Sachtler System FSB 4 Fluid Head with Sideload Plate, Flowtech 75 Carbon Fiber Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader and Rubber Feet supports cameras and accessories weighing up to 4kg, and is well suited for DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and small camcorders. The head features a sliding balance plate with 12cm of adjustment to balance your camera, 5 steps plus zero of counterbalance adjustment and 3 steps plus a zero setting of independent pan and tilt drag. This amount of adjustability combines to give you precise control of your camera on the head, and the ability to easily tune your set up on a shot-by-shot basis.

The Flowtech legs are a lightweight set of tripod legs that can be used with or without the included mid-level spreader. The legs support up to 20kg, which means they can easily handle the weight of the FSB 4 Fluid Head with Sideload plate as well as your camera and accessories. The legs extend from approximately two feet to five feet and are extremely resistant to twisting when you pan. Additionally, each leg features a single locking lever near the top that allows you to open the leg sections to raise or lower the leg. The included padded carry bag is for storing or transporting the head and legs.

FSB 4 Fluid Head

With its 4kg capacity and compact size, the Sachtler FSB 4 Fluid Head is ideal for supporting small handheld camcorders and video-enabled DSLRs. As the only head in its class to feature Sachtler's Snap & Go sideload mechanism, the FSB 4 boasts an exceptionally large sliding range of 120mm. Along with a 5-step counterbalance, this ensures extremely quick and precise balancing. At the same time, no-compromise vibration damping allows for extremely subtle and finely graded movement.

  • Long sliding range of camera plate
  • Robust, metal housing
  • Tested Speedbalance technology
  • Totally compatible with SOOM and the Sachtler FSB CELL

Flowtech 75 MS Carbon Fiber Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader and Rubber Feet

The Sachtler Flowtech 75 MS Carbon Fiber Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader and Rubber Feet eschews the common single or double carbon fiber tube design and instead has redesigned the shape of the legs for improved torsional strength. The legs work weigh just under 7 pounds yet they can support a payload of up to 44 pounds, and extend from a minimum height of 61 to a maximum height of 155cm when using the included removable mid-level spreader. Each leg features a single clamping lever that locks and unlocks the sections.

Each leg extends or retracts independently from the other two, and when it is detached from the spreader each leg can pivot without affecting the other legs. This is especially useful when working on rough or uneven terrain. You can remove the spreader completely and lock each leg in one of three positions, so you can work without a spreader if you wish. This enables you to spread the legs extremely wide for low shots, while the tripod legs maintain their torsional stability. The dual spikes at the end of each leg provide extra grip when working on softer ground, and you can snap rubber feet onto the dual spikes for better grip when working on hard or delicate surfaces.

  • Dual-stage, carbon fiber, 75mm bowl tripod
  • Weighs only 2.9kg but supports up to 20kg
  • The design and construction of the legs provide tremendous torsional stability. In other words, the legs resist twisting when you pan the tripod head.
  • The included mid-level spreader allows you to work on uneven terrain such as stairs or rocks while preventing the legs from flying apart. When using the mid-level spreader, you can use the included rubber feet to protect delicate surfaces from the tripod's foot spikes.
  • Each leg features a single clamping lever lock design at the top of the leg, near the 75mm bowl. This allows you to loosen all three leg sections from a single location, saving you time while reducing the wear and tear on your body as you don't have to bend down to loosen a leg lock at the bottom to lower or raise the legs.
  • The legs incorporate a locking mechanism that enables the legs to move completely freely, suitable when working with a spreader, or to lock at one of three angles, suitable for use when working without a spreader.
  • When closing the legs, there is room for the mid-level spreader to be folded up while remaining attached. The legs feature a magnetic locking system strong enough to hold them together during transport, but allows you to easily release the legs when you want to set them up.

Padded Bag for flowtech 75 or TT Tripod with FSB Fluid Head

With dimensions of 93 x 20 x 23cm, this Padded Bag from Sachtler is designed specifically for carrying a flowtech 75 or TT tripod equipped with an FSB fluid head. It is made with a high-density 900D fabric, which is both flame retardant and water-resistant to help ensure that your equipment stays safe. Additionally, layers of both open-cell and closed-cell foam are used in the construction to protect your gear against small bumps and shocks.

The bag opens via a full-length zipper found at the top, which allows for easy access while shooting. For transport, two straps on each side can be connected to an integrated handgrip for easy carrying. There are also small handles on each side of the bag where the zipper ends, and right next to them are D-rings that can be used to connect an optional shoulder strap. Finally, a clear plastic window on the outside allows you to insert a tag with your name or phone number for easy identification when travelling.

  • Padded bag with dimensions of 93 x 20 x 23cm, designed for carrying a flowtech 75 or TT tripod with an FSB fluid head
  • 900D water-resistant fabric on the exterior, with layers of foam to help cushion gear against bumps
  • Full-length zipper allows for easy access to the interior compartment
  • Connecting hand straps, side handles, and D-rings available for transport
  • Clear plastic window on one of the sides allows you to insert a name tag for easy identification

    FSB 4 Fluid Head

    Camera Plate

    Camera Plate Features

    Sliding Balance Plate, Quick Release

    Camera Plate Type

    Sideload Plate S

    Tripod Platform

    Base Mount

    75 mm Half Ball

    Pan & Tilt

    Drag Control

    Tilt: 3-Step

    Vertical Tilt

    +90° to -70°

    Panning Range


    Independent Pan Lock


    Independent Tilt Lock



    Load Capacity

    4 kg

    Counter Balance

    Incremental 3-Step

    Bubble Level


    Operating Temperature

    -40 to 60°C


    1.9 kg

    Flowtech 75 MS Carbon Fiber Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader and Rubber Feet


    Head Mount Type

    75 mm Bowl

    Load Capacity

    20 kg

    Maximum Working Height

    153 cm

    Minimum Working Height

    26 cm

    Folded Length

    68 cm


    Aluminum, Carbon Fiber


    2.9 kg


    Leg Lock Type

    Flip Lock

    Leg Sections


    Padded Bag for flowtech 75 or TT Tripod with FSB Fluid Head

Exterior Material




In the Box:

  • Bundle Items
  • FSB 4 Fluid Head
  • Flowtech 75 MS Carbon Fiber Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader and Rubber Feet
  • Mid-Level Spreader
  • 3 x Removable Rubber Feet
  • Padded Bag for flowtech 75 or TT Tripod with FSB Fluid Head



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